Our Clients

Sunoco A-Plus Gas Station  22nd and Walnut St.
T.J. Mechanical pressure washed the entire outside area, leaving the station with a brand new appearance.  T.J. Mechanical also removes snow during the winter.

William Penn Apartment Complex
1919 Chestnut Street
T.J. Mechanical has done numerous projects for the apartment complex, which takes full advantage of all the services T.J. Mechanical has to offer. From bulk removal, to exterior pressure wash to snow removal in the winter.

The Legendary Blue Horizon
1314 N. Broad Street
T.J. Mechanical helped with the renovation process of one of the oldest boxing venues
in the country.  T.J. Mechanical provided bulk removal and snow removal services for the client.  The client also plans to use the pressure washing services T.J. Mechanical offers.

Other clients include:

  • US Postal Service (for the Philadelphia Area)
  • Park Town Apartments
  • Michael Singer Real Estate
  • Best Western Hotel
  • Alkay Associates
  • Grey Boys Window Company
  • Bambi Cleaners
  • American Pie
  • Vamp Shoe Store
  • Vinzuri Mens Store
  • Greater Philadelphia Health Action
  • J.M.H. Realtors

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